• What does FAQ mean?
    It’s a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

  • How do I keep up with club announcements?
    There’s a Facebook group, a website, and a mailing list. Announcements (e.g. registration, cancellations) will be posted on the website and automatically sent to the mailing list. We endeavour to update the Facebook group too, but there are no guarantees that you will see it given FB’s ever-changing algorithms.

  • Where/when are the club nights?
    See our Locations page and Season Dates page for that information.
    BADinTO is a “drop-in” club; members are not on a team and therefore can come to play at their convenience.

  • How do I join the club?
    Check our Registration page for details; in general registration is in the month before the season starts. We have a limit on our capacity (increasing as COVID restrictions are lifted) which means we cannot accept everyone; those who aren’t accepted are added to a waiting list (on a “first come, first served” basis) and will be contacted when we have space for more people.

  • I filled in my registration form but I’ve not heard anything
    Processing registration forms is a manual process so please do not expect an immediate reply once you complete the form. We endeavour to respond quickly but we are volunteers with day jobs and other commitments 🙂

  • Can I play without joining the club?
    We do occasionally accept non-members – please contact us to enquire.

  • How are club nights organised?
    The play directors look after the board and arrange games. Players have a colour-coded skill level so games are arranged to balance play as best we can.

  • This FAQ didn’t answer my question
    Please contact us with your question.